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The Butterfly Children

The Butterfly Children started out as books nearly thirty years ago and the books are based on the astoundingly beautiful original butterfly drawings, which you can see here and on our website.

The Butterfly Children come from exciting places all over the world, places like America, Asia, Africa, and Europe and they have beautiful wing colours that are unique to the country they come from, even the smallest countries in the world have butterflies that are unique to that country.

They are all fun-loving characters and they are always performing good deeds deep in the woods, like protecting their animal friends and their environment. But the Butterfly Children face many challenges also, like the mischievous ‘Moth Gang’ (boo), who also live deep in the woods. All they want to do is get rid of the Butterfly Children (hooray) so they can have the woods to themselves.

The books were really successful and were read by over two million children. We are now going to re-launch our wonderful characters on worldwide television as a pre-school children’s animated cartoon series with the accent on quality, so that we can share the Butterfly Children and their adventures with children all over the world.

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